Redes Accesibles en Movimiento (Accessible Networks in Motion) was created to promote national and international collaboration synergies that enhance the research, dissemination and professionalization of inclusive choreographic methodologies using pioneering technologies as key accessibility tools that trigger innovative creative processes.

The project has five interrelated blocks:

  1. Experimental laboratory with wearables (interactive electronic microprocessors) to create interactive choreography systems that explore multi-sensorial experiences (light, sound, and projections that react to movement and touch) as inclusive and accessible creative stimuli (in collaboration with Útopi Social Films).
  2. International exchange of youth performances and creative workshops between Cía. Danza Vinculados Junior, Yugent Tanz Company of the Piccolo Theater Cottbus in Germany and Sasha Waltz and Guests KinderTanz Company in Berlin (the youth branch of the famous German company based in Berlin). This is to promote the international visibility of the companies, encourage the professionalization of young dancers, share methodologies among the artistic management team and shed light on the work of Cía. Danza Vinculados in Germany and that of Yugent Tanz Company of the Piccolo Theater Cottbus and Sasha Waltz and Guests KinderTanz Company in Spain.
  3. Research and implementation of methodologies of audio description of cinema and paintings (areas in which the research and results are much more advanced). This is to develop systems of dance audio description (a very underdeveloped area with a huge need to be researched) through guided tactile tours, simultaneous audio description and audio described choreographic scripts (in collaboration with ONCE, the University of Granada, WE ACT and the Simbiótic Festival of Barcelona).
  4. Developing the second part of the program of women participation in rural and urban areas and environmental and social awareness through participatory videos and contemporary dance. A collaboration with the second phase of Cuerpo, Mujer y Medio Ambiente project (Body, Woman & Environment) that is co-financed by La Caixa’s Art For Change program. This is achieved through participatory and intergenerational dance and video workshops for women and the creation of a group dance film that reveals the marginality of women, particularly immigrant women in the region of Níjar (in collaboration with Útopi Social Films).
  5. 5. Visibility platforms of the works and products resulting from the project through an interactive blog (which interrelates and shares the work of all the project’s contributors), a meeting of experts in Granada, Barcelona and/or Madrid (between the management teams of the organizations). The Second Edition of the Danza Sin Barreras Dance Days (Dance Without Barriers), where the creative and research results of the project will be presented. The National Dance Company participates with its accessible dance program, We Act, the Simbiótic Festival, ONCE, the UGR, LamatDance and Utopi Social Films.