Our History

Cía. Danza Vinculados was founded in Granada in 2013 by a team of female choreographers, psychologists and dancers. It aims to professionalize inclusive contemporary dance and make it more accessible through an ongoing training, creative and performing program that trains dancers of all ages, abilities and needs. It also works on developing innovative projects on creation, research and the exchange of methodologies.


It works with its three groups Senior, Junior and Children as well as the associated company LamatDance Company that offers its dancers a bridge to the professional dance world. It has a long history of social intervention projects at a national and international level and participation in festivals and European projects. It is the founder of the Danza Sin Barreras Dance Days (Dance Without Barriers); a visibility, research and networking platform that promotes and stands up for the artistic and human value of inclusive and accessible dance. Our local projects include Cuerpo, Mujer y Medio Ambiente (Body, Woman & Environment), La Caixa’s Art For Change program (videodance with women form Níjar and Granada), Danza Sin Barreras (Ministry of culture and sports., inclusive and accessible productions, research, training), Redes Accesibles en Movimiento (Accessible Networks in Motion), (Ministry of culture and sports., research with new technologies in creative processes, meetings with professionals, visibility platforms, shows, audio description). Our international projects include Let´s Dance Europe (in collaboration with Creative Europe, the Regional Government of Andalusia, Scotland’s national dance organization YDance, Germany’s DE LooPERS and Netherland’s Keunswurk), Horizontes Vinculados (Connected Horizons), (in collaboration with Erasmus Plus and Scotland’s national dance organization YDance), Frisian Dance Days Leuuwarden (Netherlands, choreographers’ tutoring program and a show at the festival). We also collaborate with Piccolo Theater Cottbus company and Sasha Waltz’s youth company in Berlin (a performance at the Cottbus theater, workshops with Sasha Waltz company).

Cía. Danza Vinculados works with the University of Granada (UGR) and ONCE (Spanish national organisation for blind people) to develop ways of audio describing dance shows and thus making them more accessible to audiences with sighting disabilities. In March 2020, Cía. Danza Vinculados premiered at Granada’s Alhambra Theater Del Sacromonte a Nueva York show (From Sacromonte to New York) with audio description (a professional production co-produced with LamatDance, Utopi Social Films y Bum Creaciones). The company has an agreement with the UGR (University of Granada) to receive internship students from the Psychology Degree and from the Masters in Cooperation, History and Music Sciences and Audiovisual Translation and Interpretation. It also offers a volunteer training program in the areas of inclusive contemporary dance and choreography, communication, production, psychology and fund raising. For more information on how to collaborate, click here.


“We all have the responsibility, privilege and capacity of creating spaces and messages that establish new beauty standards to promote inclusion not as an exception, but as a norm”

Our Approach

Dance seeks an aesthetic harmony that enhances certain beauty standards, but what if we change those beauty standards? What if we move away from standardization and celebrate heterogeneity as a valuable tool for artistic creation? We hope to contribute to build a society that does not stigmatize the weaker; a society that values differences as a fundamental principle of equality.

As creators and spectators of performing arts, we believe that we all have the responsibility, privilege and capacity of creating spaces and messages that establish new beauty standards to promote inclusion not as an exception, but as a norm. When a body is in motion, it inevitably connects with time and space, focusing the mind and emotions on that unique moment.


Let’s dance to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones!

Let’s dance so that we all feel loved and find our happiness!


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