“The mission of Cía. Danza Vinculados is to promote inclusive and accessible dance for all people, thruough training, artistic excellence and social commitment, at national and international levels”.

At Cía. Danza Vinculados, we share the vision that inclusive and accessible dance has a great transformative power capable of contributing to social change. Our commitment to inclusive, accessible and participatory methodologies is a hallmark of our identity.  We value the beauty of difference as a creative tool capable of contributing to modifying the already established canons of beauty that on many occasions, particularly in the world of dance, exclude a large part of society from creative and performative processes (either because of their age, physical appearance or physical and/or cognitive abilities).

We believe that the tendency to promote homogeneity fosters social inequality by grouping individuals according to their characteristics, impoverishing everyday life and fostering ignorance of “the other”, which leads to fear, rejection and social conflict.

However, we believe that a society in which difference is valued as a fundamental part of equality will be a society enriched by the well-being of everyone within it. This society will encourage cultural exchange, knowledge and understanding of other realities and circumstances.

For cultural purposes, we believe that diversity contributes directly to the creation of innovative artistic processes, experiences and products of enormous creative richness that promote results of artistic excellence.

In accordance with our spirit, the values that govern our activity could be summarised as follows:

Social Commitment – Teamwork – Creative Innovation

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Asociación Compañía Danza Vinculados

CIF: G-19583699

Headquarters: Carril de San Miguel – Nº 3 / 2D 

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