If you would like to support or collaborate with Cía. Danza Vinculados, there are various ways to do so:

Financial Support

The costs of maintaining a structure like that of Cía. Danza Vinculados that offers quality services at artistic, educational and social levels are high. A large team of professionals is needed to promote, organize and carry out the initiatives in addition to the growing needs of infrastructure, materials, and equipment. We appreciate the important support we receive from people, institutions and companies.

We will happily receive your collaboration that will be well used. Together we will make a difference.

Os invitamos a poner vuestro granito de arena que será muy bienvenido, bien utilizado y entre todos haremos la diferencia.


Account number: ES67 2100 2559 5402 1015 7209 – La Caixa

Beneficiary: Asociación Compañía Danza Vinculados

Concept: Donation / [Full Name]

The donations will be used to maintain the organization and sponsor beneficiaries that due to their difficult economic situations cannot cover the costs of their continuous training within our programs. For specific information on how we use the donations, please contact us on info@ciadanzavinculados.com.


This can be done through supporting specific initiatives proposed by Cía. Danza Vinculados or the funding organization. For concrete actions, please contact us on info@ciadanzavinculados.com.

Internship Agreements

Cía. Danza Vinculados has had an internship agreement with the University of Granada (UGR) for more than six years. This allows students from the faculty of Psychology, Bachelor´s degree in History and Music Sciences and Master’s degree in Cooperation and Audiovisual Translation to have their first working experience.

If you are a student interested in doing your internship with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Cía. Danza Vinculados offers the possibility of volunteering by assisting the teachers or staff in the creative, communication and production processes (choreography or music). In return, the volunteers will receive training under the company’s methodology and will gain experience in the fields that most interest them.

Our Contributors

We appreciate the collaboration of: