Cía. Danza Vinculados Senior

Adults (22 years and above)

Friday 17.00h – 20.00h

Monthly Fee: 55€

Place: Ask for more information.

Dynamic, creative and inclusive classes for all.

Learn how to dance and/or keep developing as a contemporary dancer, create your own choreographies, gain experience on stage and learn inclusive group techniques through a unique methodology developed by the company’s expert team of choreographers, dancers, musicians and psychologists.

Suitable for people with and without previous dance experience and disabilities. The classes are adapted to the level of the students ensuring that each participant feels challenged in his/her learning process.

Objectives: Honing and developing dance skills, stage experience, flexibility, strength and endurance, choreographic skills, creativity and teamwork, self-esteem, empathy, respect and mutual caring, listening and musical sensitivity, expressiveness and communication skills, personal and group well-being, love and respect for dance.

This course offers a training programme in contemporary dance and choreography aimed at anyone who wants to start or further develop their knowledge in contemporary dance and choreography as a method of creative, personal and group development. Cía. Danza Vinculados believes that the best way to promote this development is through diverse groups led with inclusive and participatory techniques that strengthen the group and each participant on a corporal, relational and artistic level. Therefore, we open this course to adults of all ages and with or without disabilities. The team of teachers are characterised by their extensive professional experience (trained at the Laban Centre in London and Holland) and lead the training, professional and inclusion programmes of the Danza Vinculados Company and its associated professional Anglo-Spanish company Lamat Dance Company.

Students in this dance course will benefit from the organisation’s extensive national and international networks and will be invited to participate in parallel projects such as the “Danza Sin Barreras” Dance Days held at the Centro Federico García Lorca or the Teatro Alhambra. The course is planned on a termly basis but with a projection to continue in the following two terms of the course. During the choreography sessions, the creation of a collective dance piece is proposed.


17.00-18.25h / Contemporary dance technique class: learning dance sequences and developing dancing skills through exercises that include the techniques of Release, Limón, Graham, Contact and Improvisation.

18.25-18.35h / Snack gathering: sitting in a circle, talking about creativity and brain storming while having a snack. A space to get to know each other and spend time together.

18.35-20.00h / Choreography and group dynamics class: creative exercises, theatrical games, participatory excercises and improvisations, group work to create a choreography with ideas and moves suggested by the participants.

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