DanceBiosis is a videodance that moves through the bodies of diverse women, reflecting their union with the environment and the territory that surrounds them which is sometimes full of life and other times devastating. It is in the strength of women and their symbiotic bodies that a path of hope and struggle can be found.

DanceBiosis is a film created in the Cuerpo, Mujer y Medio Ambiente (Body, Woman & Environment) project produced by Utopi Social Films and Cía. Danza Vinculados.

Funded by La Caixa’s Arts For Change program and the Ministry of Culture.

Artistic direction: Carmen Vilches

Choreographic co-direction: Almudena Ballesteros, Carmen Vilches, Sara Fernández

Assistant choreographer: Lara Balboa

Film director: Óscar Martínez

Production and communication direction: Kike Fernández Escalona

Camera operators and production:
Pau Cirre, Inés Duro, Óscar Martínez

Music: Javier Viana

Dancers and creators:

Alejandra Dal Ventura, Ana Sánchez, Arantxa Errasti, Conchi Sánchez, Duaa Ayoub, Esther Ortiz Calvo, Elena Lledó

Esther Jerez, Esther Ortiz, Elena Fernández, Eva López, Hebe González, Isabel Soler, Julia Carmona, Larissa, Elizabeth Abah, Laura García, Liz Warrington, Malika Chaoui, María Jesús Fernández, María José Álvarez, María José Jiménez, María José Mora, Marietta Nades, Martha Liliana, Mercedes, Diez de Pinos, Naima Alla, Natalia Benavides, Nuria Hernández, Nuria Jiménez, Pilar Minaya, Rosario Molero, Shelan Rodger, Tiel Tauade, Victoria Pérez, Yolanda López

DanceBiosis piece