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The Danza Vinculados Company was founded in Granada by a group of choreographers and psychologists aiming to support the professionalisation of contemporary dance, the social inclusion of dancers with different abilities and the creation of new choreographic pieces.

We started as a youth company in 2013, but following an increasing demand to include other age groups we are currently formed as Danza Vinculados Infant (for children aged 6 to 12), Danza Vinculados Junior (for young people aged 13 to 22) and Danza Vinculados Senior (for people aged 23 and above). The company is currently formed by fifty dancers between 7 and 72 years old with different abilities: some of them have psychological o physical difficulties, some have been dancing for many years, some joined the company without any dance experience, some are gymnasts, and together we work to create original choreographies that talk about ourselves and life issues relevant to the human being in general.

The three groups work with a similar training structure: (contemporary dance and choreography classes from beginners level up to advanced), creation (weekly sessions of choreographic creation and rehearsals) staging (the dancers perform their work regularly at different festivals, theatres and performing spaces) and inclusion techniques (all activities take place within the framework of inclusion, applying techniques from the fields of psychology, dance therapy and theatre). The groups also meet in intensive courses developing collective dance pieces and exploring the intergenerational inclusion.

Danza Vinculados Company is based at ‘Escuela Pública de Formación Cultural de Andalucía’ which belongs to Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales in Granada, Spain.

Danza Vinculados Company has performed its work at the Alhambra Theatre, at the International Festival of Music and Dance Fex and at other performing spaces in Granada and Andalusia.Our company has recently joined the EU Project ‘Let’s Dance’, which involves dancers and choreographers from Germany, UK and the Netherlands.

Dirección: Carmen Vilches Sánchez. Subdirección: Lara Balboa Ayala y Sara Fernández Álvarez.

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