Mission Statement

Cía. Danza Vinculados in Granada Cathedral

Cía. Danza Vinculados in Granada Cathedral


Mainstream dance usually seeks for aesthetic harmony, promoting specific beauty standards. But what if we’d change these beauty standards? What if we move away from classic beauty standards and celebrate diversity as a great creative tool? Perhaps the so called crisis time, in which we are becoming more aware about our basic needs, might be the right time to make new changes that could help generating a fairer society. We think that it is about time for a society where the weaker aren’t stigmatised and diversity is appreciated as a basic principle of equality.That’s why we have the strong believe that as performing arts creators and spectators we have the responsibility, the privilege and capacity to generate spaces and messages that could contribute to create new beauty standards promoting inclusion not as an exception, but as a rule.

Dance is the expressive organisation of emotions within body, time and space while the mind focuses on the present moment.

Let’s dance to re-connect with ourselves and with those we love!

Let’s dance to feel the love of each other and find happiness!