Our Training Programme


Danza Vinculados Company works through an all round body-mind training programme that encourages creativity as a fundamental part of the personal development. We believe in the beauty of diversity and from there we create work that appeals to the creative value of inclusion. Our work questions traditional aesthetics and changes perceptions about what dance is and who can do it. All the dancers are involved in the choreographic process, generating movement material and creative ideas for the piece. Our training programme includes:

1. Weekly contemporary dance classes: the dancers are trained in contemporary dance techniques such as Release, Limon, Graham and Contact Improvisation.

2. Weekly choreography and creative technique classes: We develop the creative abilities and the creation of choreographic material including all dancers. The dancers learn to create choreographies and are involved in the creative process from the outset.

3. Creative psychological work to encourage and develop inclusion: our psychological support focuses on the encouragement of empathy, self-esteem, respect and acceptance. Inclusion is a complex process that involves working with attitudes, beliefs and emotions towards persons with disabilities. That´s why inclusion between dancers with different abilities forms an integral part of our work approach.

4. Weekly rehearsals of the company’s dance productions: The dancers practise on a regular basis in order to prepare for upcoming performances of dance pieces they developed.

5. Staging: Each group is developing a new dance piece per year. The dancers acquire experience acting on different scenic spaces within the framework of informal rehearsals and dance shows at theatres and professional festivals in Spain and abroad.