Lo invisible

Sadland, a darksome city beneath an ocean of tears. A niche where to hide things that remain invisible and without identity in everyday life. They’re the numbers in reports and in the news. They’re the people that are forced to leave their home, looking for shelter in a different place. They’re the people that are begging in the streets meanwhile our feet pass by hastily, very near to them.
Hurried we are in our everyday life, and invisible is who steals our time. But invisible is also the magic that again and again transforms sadness, ugliness and pain into joy, beauty and pleasure.

Description: Forty dancers of all ages go on stage with the power of transformation which each one has inside. With their magic they dance to face the time army, home abandonment and the sadness of the “nobodies”.

Artistic direction/ Choreography: Carmen Vilches Sánchez
Co-direction: Alicia Sánchez Adam
Direction’s Assistant: Sara Fernández Álvarez
Assistant: Carmen Patricia Gómez Rodríguez
Production Assistants: Sarah Sturm y Elena Ramos Bejarano
Life music and composition:
Ángela Bermúdez (percussions, hang, ngoni and vocal)
Danitz Carraldo (indian tabla, western concert flute, fujara flute and saxophone)
Derk Rossbach (violin and percussion)

Collaborators: Lara Balboa (choreography), Sarah Sturm (communication and translation), Juan Caballero (photography), Oscar Martínez y Pau Cirre (audiovisual documentation equipment).

Lighting design: Agustín Ferrando Castellano

Infant: Esther Aguayo Garrido, Paula Barbero Vallejo, Ania Cabrera Romero, Alina Isabel Carmona Melzer, Xenia Casillas Agrela, Ibai Hendrickx Aguilera, Teo Hendrickx Aguilera, Sara Líndez Rodríguez, Luz Mas Sánchez, Libertad Robledo Vargas, Cristina Ventura Cardenete Gómez, Karlotta Vigil Novotna and Andrea Zinkernagel Rodriguez.
Junior: Laura Abadía Tercedor, Natalia Benavides Barroso, Nicolás Bordas Garcimartín, Anabel Caballero Villalta, Marta Casares Lara, Ana Fuster Conde, Paco G., Beatriz Hinojosa Ramírez, Nuria Ibañez Giménez, Francisco José Ortiz Moreno, Carmen Rodríguez Jiménez, Anabel Romero Moreno, Eliska Sobotka Cabezas and Helena Spieker Castillo.
Senior: Ana Aguilera Sancho, M. José Álvarez Sánchez, Luisa Castilla Spa, Sara Fernández Álvarez, Nuria Giménez Muñoz, Lola, Carmen Patricia Gómez Rodríguez, Julia Hernández Ramos, Yolanda López Sánchez, Elena Lledó Mira, Rosario Molero Fernández, Carmen Ramos Regaña, Alicia Sánchez Adam, Concepción Sánchez Adam and Maribel Tercedor Sánchez.

Technical details: The production was created for outdoor or indoor performances with a minimum space of 12 x 10 meters (13,1 x 10,9 yd). A linoleum floor, lighting and amplifiers for the sound of percussion, violin, wind instruments and vocals are required.

For more information please contact the company via info@ciadanzavinculados.com.

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