Creative learning (Royal Opera House and Creative Partnerships)

The Danza Vinculados Company team works since 2006 with different national and international organizations to develop new methodologies which involve scenic and visual art as creative education tools at primary and secondary schools. The school curriculum (math, language, science, ethics…) are teached through dance, cinema and animation. We’ve produced and published didactic material such as booklets, teaching units, animation shorts, educational videos and documentaries that narrate the project’s process.

There are available some of the projects we realized over the last years in collaboration with Creative Partnerships and the Royal Opera House at London and Essex:

Dance and animation to teach language and literature:
A project that uses dance and animation to teach language and literature to children of 3rd grade at Essex, UK.

Dancing Words (methodological documentary: dance and literature).

The Boy and the Mother Frog (animation created by the students).

Maths Through Animation:
A project to teach maths to students of secondary schools.

A Magic Trick, Circus for Everybody:
A project that involves audiovisual techniques (camera, script, animation, and interview) and circus to teach students of primary schools that there are other realities beyond their little world.

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