Short excerpts ‘DESPIERTOS’ at Alhambra Theatre, December 2013, Granada

Public sharing at the Internacional Festival of de Music and Dance “FEX”, July 2013, Granada

Description: Thirty young dancers create and dance about the beauty of diversity. Inspired in their own personal stories of love and rejection, they present the group power as an element of struggle and as a ritual of change towards the positive. They make use of body and vocal percussion to create the soundtrack created by Javier Viana y Lorenzo Vilches.

Duration: 60 minutes

Artistic direction/ Choreography: Carmen Vilches Sánchez
Co-direction: Alicia Sánchez Adam and Lara Balboa Ayala
Direction’s Assistants: Sara Fernández Álvarez
Composers: Javier Viana y Lorenzo Vilches
Lighting designer: Ernesto Monza

Dancers-Choreographers: Nicolás Bordas Garcimartín, Natalia Benavides Barras, Beatriz Caballero Huertas, Anabel Caballero Villalta, Marta Casares Lara, Paula Corona Serrano, Ana Fuster Conde, Myriam Gallego Fernández, Raúl Gea Martínez, Eva González Buendía, Pilar Guerrero Álvarez, Manuela Hierl, Beatriz Hinojosa Ramírez, Nuria Ibañez Giménez, Juani Jodar Molina, Amaya Luque Ventura, Belén Mañas España, Pablo Navarro Muñoz, Fran Ortiz Moreno, Lidya Rodríguez Alba, Manolo Rodríguez Alba, Belén Sánchez Rodríguez and Eliszka Sobotka Cabezas.

Technical details:This dance piece can be performed both at traditional theatres and open air performing spaces. The stage must have a minimum space of 12 x 10 meters (13,1 x 10,9 yd), a linoleum floor, lighting and sound to be controlled from a computer or MP3.

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