Cuentos elementales Senior

Artistic direction/ Choreography: Carmen Vilches Sánchez
Co-direction: Alicia Sánchez Adam
Direction’s Assistants: Lara Balboa Ayala and Sara Fernández Álvarez
Lighting designer: Ernesto Monza
Collaborators: Alba Moraleda

Duration: 25 minutes

Description: Twelve dancers aged between 25 and 70 years go on stage to share their stories related to nature: the impact it had on their lifes and the intimate relationship with the tree each one identifies with.

Dancers-Choreographers: Alicia Sánchez Adam, Alba Moraleda, Conchi Sánchez Adam, Germán Ángel Pérez, Isabel Urquizar Rodríguez, María José Álvarez Sánchez, Maria Elena Sivera Tejerina, Maribel Tercedor Sánchez, Nuria Gimenez Muñoz, Rosario Molero Fernández, Sara Fernández Álvarez and Yolanda López.

Technical details: This dance piece can be performed both at traditional theatres and open air performing spaces. The stage must have a minimum space of 10 x 8 meters (10,9 x 8,7 yd), a linoleum floor, lighting and sound to be controlled from a computer or MP3.

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